LINKILIKE Video Seeding campaigns for provide:

  • Guaranteed reach for YouTube videos, also for 360 degree Videos
  • Social Impact – clearly measurable results and engagement in the social media environment
  • Brand Security – by means of pinpoint targeting based on brand attributes & interests


LINKILIKE offers the ideal solution for the promotion of YouTube videos.

This is our specialist solution for small, medium and large-scale seeding campaigns in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a video seeding agency, we provide you with various channels between 5-250k high quality views.<

In doing so, we help you lead your video to success and to stand out from the multitude of video uploads on YouTube (400 hours/minute). We can also help to distribute 360 degree youtube videos.

We develop a seeding strategy based on your objectives, target groups, time frames and targeting parameters, to help your video achieve a high quality reach.

You also have the option of reaching your target group even better using precise keywords and interests. A target link, which you specify and which is shown while your video is running, makes sure that the viewer can, if he or she likes, get more information.

YouTube seeding is about much more than buying views; it’s about the best possible results in reaching the target group. Each strategy is individually adapted.

We configure the channels and the LINKILIKE authentic shares are always one component, i.e. we distribute your video to our micro-influencers, who are qualified for your brand and your values as a brand messenger via the LINKILIKE core technology.

Here, you obtain views and reaches, which could not be more target-oriented. Your video is put into circulation with the touch of word-of-mouth advertising in social media on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Tumblr. Each strategy is supplemented with the accompanying distribution of your video through positioning on:

  • blogs/websites and special interest sites
  • social Apps
  • social media sites and
  • mobile Apps


Video marketing is only fun if the results send a clear message and these results can be verified. At the end of the campaign, you receive a concise report with all relevant details regarding your YouTube video seeding campaign from LINKILIKE.

In addition to the number of generated views, you receive information on engagement, demographic details and the click-through rate.

Furthermore, you can follow the results via your YouTube account in your statistics and check them for plausibility.

The details regarding engagement provide you with precise information on how many people watched the whole video or at what point they stopped watching it. This gives you valuable, useable information. By the way, views for YouTube seeding campaigns do not count as views until at least 15 seconds have been consumed.

Our applied seeding player has a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube button, so that your target audience can share this content with your network and therefore, conditions for social engagement and the corresponding viralisation are given. With our seeding player we can also manage a 360 degree video distribution.

Please contact us regarding your seeding project!

We look forward to pushing your YouTube video!