LINKILIKE Blog Marketing campaigns provide:

  • Theme blogs - integration of your content
  • PB2C and B2B targeting with unique texts by bloggers
  • Sustainable SEO - effects


With the product Video Blog Marketing, LINKILIKE offers the option of integrating your video in the exact context necessary, in order for your message to reach the audience of influential bloggers.

This enables you to highlight key issues in line with your seeding campaigns.

The integrated video is supplemented with an at least 150 word, unique additional text written by the blogger.

This supports your online marketing and provides you with positive SEO effects. Whether it is about introducing or announcing a product, an image report or a product test or a review, blog marketing can be used in many ways.

Benefits of video blog marketing:
  • Great reach: Integration of the video on quality - theme blogs
  • > 150 words unique text with your specified keywords
  • Positive SEO effects
  • Efficient targeting of B2C and B2B groups
  • Access to > 7,000 German-speaking blogs
Staatspreis Multimedia E-business
A video blog marketing campaign is quite easy to implement:
  • You send us your video link with the desired keywords and with the desired link.
  • You can select from a video blog marketing package (5, 10, 20 or 50 theme blog posts).
  • We assign evaluated, suitable bloggers with the integration in advance and
  • send you an anonymised clipping within 2 weeks after commissioning.

This component can either be commissioned in combination with or independent of other LINKILIKE campaign types (video seeding, sharing campaigns).

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