Influencer Marketing - Opinion leaders for your brand

Influencer Marketing LINKILIKE Influencer Marketing offers:

  • Working directly with opinion leaders who fit your values
  • Addressing an early-adopter fan base
  • Demonstrable social impact on your target audience
  • Proven influencer with high data depth

Successful Influencer Marketing with LINKLIKE

Right now in online marketing, the influence of opinion leaders is obvious and they are playing a more and more important role in branding.
LINKLIKE offers you the opportunity to to define your brand with viral and authentic brand ambassadors who are successful influencers in your industry and who can use their networks for opinion leading.

Based on the defined key facts you list about your target audience in the seeding tool, LINKLIKE identify the perfect influencers for you, who can then inform people about your company using their own “social network” as a brand ambassador.

As a full service agency, LINKLIKE takes on the monitoring of your influencers and the reporting for your marketing campaign.

Influencers are opinion makers, who play a more and more important role in marketing. They are used specifically, based on the essential assumption that the more complex the lives of consumers become, the more blindly they make decisions because they are over-excited. We at LINKLIKE rely on our own authentic influencer network, that way we can present branded content over a personal trusted channel. Our motto is: “If the opinion leader recommends it, it must be right!”

Has your content earned a qualitative influencer?

Contact us with your project, we would be happy to prepare an optimal marketing plan for your brand!