With LINKILIKE, the latest content, e.g. unique videos, images, links, etc. is recommended, which perfectly suits you. Then, you can exclusively share it with your social network via Facebook or Google+?.

There are so many things on the Internet, which are worth sharing with your friends.? However, there is often not enough time to look for the best videos, images, apps, etc.

LINKILIKE provides you with customised content, which suits you to a tee – and you can share authentically. In a manner of speaking, you share the “LINK YOU LIKE”. In collaboration with renowned research institutes, LINKILIKE has developed methods, to precisely allocate web content to the right people.

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Using the questionnaire you filled out when registering, we ensure, in an automated manner, that you only receive web content (videos, images, links, etc.), which you would also share without LINKILIKE because it suits you so perfectly. And, you are the inspiration for generating such content.

Nevertheless, should you ever happen to receive content, which you do not like, just refuse to share it.??


This is how it works:

When you register, an individual profile is created from information about you, your personality and your interests.

That enables us to recommend customised content, which is perfectly suitable for you.

JThe more thorough the registration is, the more ideal the allocation of your content can be. Your data is only used for you by LINKILIKE; it is not conveyed to third parties and stored in a secure manner.

Register now, share awesome content, which suits you – and, you can earn money on the Internet and use it for a good cause!

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